Milt Frye Restoration

Our long term goal is to restore the variety of habitats in the Milt Frye Nature Area adjacent to the Marion Cross School in order to improve the health of the nature area and to provide examples of the biodiversity of native plants in those habitats for the school nature programs.

Our first target area is the woodland edge along the meadow and orchard. This area was very badly overgrown with non-native, invasive burning bush and buckthorn. In past years these shrubs were cut but have started to regrow. Getting rid of them and replacing them with native plants will restore an edge habitat and provide food and shelter resources for birds, insects, and other animals.

We have begun regular invasive weed pulls with the goal of removing the invasives altogether, not just cutting them, so that they can be eliminated. Please join us in this effort. Weed pull dates will be posted on the listserve and on the events page of this website.

The Conservation Commission has obtained a generous grant from the Norwich Women’s Club to purchase deer fencing and native plants to install once all the invasives are removed. The emphasis is on plants indigenous to Windsor County, that form a typical forest edge community and that support a wide range of wildlife and pollinators. These plants will need to be protected from deer browse as they get established. Planting will take place primarily in the Spring of 2021.

The following are some of the plants we are considering. The final selection will depend on plant availability at the various nurseries for the 2021 season: