Milt Frye Habitat Restoration

1p, May 1st, 2022

The Conservation Commission’s work in the Milt Frye Nature Area begins the 2022 season with a native planting event. Join us May 1st at 1PM in the field to plant around the new vernal pool.

Why is the Conservation Commission working in Milt Frye? The Nature area is owned by the town and is under a conservation easement. The Conservation Commission has a role is making sure the forest management plan gets accomplished. We rely on volunteers to get this work done.

What needs to be done? Preservation of natural communities within the nature area, a major requirement of the conservation easement, makes removal of invasive plants and planting native plants priorities. The number of invasive plants in the nature area demands a long-term, sustained effort. The Conservation Commission has identified the field, and the stream bank as areas of immediate concern. Buckthorn, burning bush, and Japanese barberry need to be removed.

The berm along the edge of the new vernal pool is bare soil, and needs native plants. Native wildflower and grass seed was sown last fall. Approximately 200 native tree and shrub bare root plants need to be planted on the berm and in the stream bank. The Conservation Commission gratefully acknowledges the Norwich Women’s Club for funding the purchase of these seedlings.

How long will the work take? Accomplishing the goals of the forest management plan will take years. This year our focus continues on the Milt Frye field. We have worked about half way around the edge. This year, we hope to finish a third side of the field, and monitor the parts already worked on to catch any new invasive growth. We have been heartened to see how little regrowth has occurred so far.

When will work days take place? Watch our website and the list serve for work days, which we expect to occur almost every weekend until frost. We choose a Saturday or Sunday according to the weather and other factors. We make every effort to place announcements on Wednesdays. There is no need to sign up. We welcome you to help for as long as you can.

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