Milt Frye Work Day

12–2p and 2–4p, Sep 26th, 2020

Please join us at the Milt Frye meadow to pull invasives. There will be two work sessions to choose from. One from 12–2p and the other from 2–4p.

In order to follow Covid 19 guidelines, we ask that everyone bring their own mask, gloves, trowel and water. Children 10 years and above are welcome, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 6 ft social distancing will be maintained as much as possible.

For those who have not visited the nature area before, the parking area is adjacent to the playground at the back of the Marion Cross School. You may also park behind Saint Barnabas Church. Follow the path at the back of the parking area straight out to the meadow and turn left and walk up the hill to the work site. Depending on what time you come we may be right where the wooded path meets the meadow, or we may be at the top of the meadow above the deer fencing. At the edge of the meadow, turn left and follow the edge of the meadow up the hill until you find us. Do not take the mowed path diagonally across the meadow.

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