Milt Frye Habitat Restoration

1–3:20p, May 15th, 2022

Join us May 15 from 1-3:30 in the field to remove invasive plants.

We will be working mainly on buckthorn along the field edge near the old wagon at the top of the field. Bring gloves, and a shovel.

Park opposite the basketball court behind the Marion Cross School, and take the trail straight along the stream to the field. Walk uphill to find us near the old wagon.

Why is the Conservation Commission working in Milt Frye? The Nature area is owned by the town and is under a conservation easement. The Conservation Commission has a role is making sure the forest management plan gets accomplished. We rely on volunteers to get this work done.

What needs to be done? Preservation of natural communities within the nature area, a major requirement of the conservation easement, makes removal of invasive plants and planting native plants priorities. The number of invasive plants in the nature area demands a long-term, sustained effort. The Conservation Commission has identified the field, and the stream bank as areas of immediate concern. Buckthorn, burning bush, and Japanese barberry need to be removed.

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