August 2023 Meeting

Aug 15th, 2023 at 7p, Norwich Historical Society (277 Main Street)


  1. Public Comments
  2. Milton Frye Nature Area
  3. Tree Quest
  4. Bat Boxes
  5. Deer Exclusion Plots
  6. Schmidt Bog
  7. Frogs
  8. Trails
  9. Updates from Public Forums, Meetings, and Minutes
  10. Approval of June Minutes


Members Present Craig Layne (Chair), Cheryl Asa, Suzanne Leiter, Lindsay Putnam, Chris Rimmer, and Andrew Torkelson
Guests None

Meeting convened at 7:05 PM

Public Comments

No members of the public were present.

Milton Frye Nature Area

Craig reported that installation of two bat boxes has been completed. Lindsay described some of the work she and Lynnwood have been doing to remove non-native plants around the vernal pool, which was followed by discussion of methods for killing invasive buckthorn. Mowing and brush-hogging will need to be arranged for fall.

Tree Quest

Lindsay reported on meetings she and Lynnwood have had with Norwich Library staff about the upcoming Tree Quest program. Library staff are organizing the program, which will offer prizes to participants for categories such as the biggest tree (overall and by species), best tree pose, and best tree artwork. Andy suggested they consider adding a category that calculated CO2 sequestration.

Bat Boxes

In addition to the ones installed in the Milt Frye Nature Area, a bat box has been set up in the section of Foley Park that is Norwich public land. Craig is hoping to get permission to add another in the section belonging to the Montshire, as well as in Barrett Park, Huntley Meadow, and Brookmead Conservation Area.

Deer Exclusion Plots

Deer exclusion plots have been set up at Parcel 5 and in the Milt Frye Nature Area. Possible locations in other areas are being determined.

Schmidt Bog

Andy reported that neighborhood volunteers, along with students from Dartmouth’s Flora and Fauna Club, have put in time removing non-native plants, especially buckthorn. They’re looking into renting a chipper to process the buckthorn for other uses.

Trails Committee

Craig said that Sunday, August 20, will be a work day for the Woody Adams Conservation Forest trail. The Huntley loop trail is getting a minor re-route to avoid a riparian area being protected by a fence.


Lindsay mentioned that Lynnwood has written an article for the Norwich Times on beavers. Lindsay plans to post an announcement to the Norwich listserv, closer to the trapping season, to let property owners know that trappers are required to get their permission to set traps.

Updates from Public Forums, Meetings, and Minutes

Suzanne reported that the Planning Commission has created two new subcommittees on Land Use and on Solar Siting.

Cheryl reported that the Affordable Housing Committee has asked the Planning Commission to endorse and send to the Selectboard their request to submit a planning grant proposal to the Vermont Community Development Program for below-market housing on the northern section of the Town-owned property off New Boston Road.

Approval of June Minutes

There was no July meeting because a quorum of members was not able to attend. Suzanne moved to approve the draft June minutes, Lindsay seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

The meeting ended at 8:20 PM

Minutes compiled by Cheryl Asa