June 2023 Meeting

Jun 20th, 2023 at 7p, Norwich Historical Society (277 Main Street)


  1. Public Comments and Thank You's
  2. FY24 Officers
  3. Milton Frye Nature Area
  4. Deer Exclusion Plots, Bat Boxes, Frog Tubes
  5. Schmidt Bog
  6. Trails and Trail Counters
  7. Updates from Public Forums, Meetings, and Minutes
  8. Approval of May Minutes


Members Present Craig Layne (Chair), Lynnwood Andrews, Suzanne Leiter, Cody Williams, Lindsay Putnam, Andrew Torkelson, Alex Gottlieb
Guests None

Meeting convened at 7:00PM

Public Comments

Craig asked for comments from the public, but no guests were present.

Thank You

The Norwich Conservation Commission extends to David Hubbard its deep appreciation and thanks for his long years of service. David served in a number of positions, bringing his expertise and knowledge, not only on issues of conservation, but also town history and geography. He participated in many of the important projects recently undertaken by the commission, such as the protection of the Woody Adams Conservation Forest.

The Norwich Conservation Commission thanks Ledyard National Bank - Norwich for its community service contribution of $750 for the purchase of 100 native saplings. These were planted along Blood Brook adjacent to Huntley Meadow in order to stabilize the streambank from soil erosion, provide a riparian buffer, and promote local biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

FY24 Officers

Craig will continue as Chair. Lynnwood will be Vice-chair, Alex will be treasurer.

Andy moved to approve these appointments and Cody seconded.

Craig presented a spreadsheet of expenditures to Alex and the committee.

Craig will check whether it is necessary to have three NCC members on the Trails and Milt Frye Nature Area committees.

Milton Frye Nature Area

Craig has conferred with the Connecticut River Conservancy about stabilizing the stream. A state permit to place logs in the stream will not be required. It was recommended that the NCC confer with Redstart to determine if a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers is required. Craig will follow-up with Redstart.

Wild chervil control. Lynnwood has cut down the wild chervil on the field side of the stream to prevent it from producing seed. The Main St side of the stream is heavily infested. Craig will talk with the interim Town Manager regarding chemical control of the chervil on the field side in order to prevent it from overtaking the field.

Biodiversity Project: 5 families agreed to participate and they worked with Lynnwood to plant native flower and grass seed in 5in plug trays. They will tend them until late summer when they will be planted in the field.

Deer Exclusion Plots, Bat Boxes, Frog Tubes

Bat houses: 11 houses are complete. Lynnwood gave them 3 coats of stain, scored the landing zones, and installed roofing shingles and flashing. Lynnwood and Craig purchased lumber at Fogg’s to mount the houses on poles. Craig will see if the Dartmouth Flora and Fauna Club is interested in helping install the first box in the Milt Frye Nature Area field.

Deer exclusion plots: Alex reported that the plots were installed at the Milt Frye Nature Area and in Parcel 5. The plots at Gile mountain, Brookmead and Schmidt Bog are next.

Tree frog tubes: The PVC pipes have been purchased and cut to size. They are awaiting installation and signage.

Schmidt Bog

Andy reported that Craig and the Dartmouth students provided considerable help if removing buckthorn from the bog. He reported that there is a very large amount of cut buckthorn needing chipping. Andy was uncertain how much money is available for this. He will talk with Chippers and Thad Goodwin to get estimates. Craig reported that DPW could handle larger diameter pieces, but not thin ones. Andy stated that the residents involved in the restoration of the bog are ready to schedule another work day.

Trails and Trail Counters

Craig reported that the fencing and plantings at Huntley Meadow were vandalized and the area is being trampled daily. New fencing is required. Craig moved for an expenditure of $1200 for fencing to protect the riparian planting at Huntley. Andy seconded. Unanimously approved.

Craig moved to make an expenditure of $1260 plus shipping for 2 trail counters. Cody seconded. Unanimously approved.

Updates from Public Forums, Meetings

Trails Committee: Cody reported that July 16 will be a trail work day. Work will also take place on July 2 to repair the bog bridge on the Ballard Trail. Workers will meet at the Brown Schoolhouse bridge. Jim Faughnan is making trail signs for the Woody Adams Conservation Forest trails.

Annual Turkey Count

Alex will write a listserve announcement about how people can participate in the state annual turkey count during July and August.

Big Tree Project

Lindsay and Lynnwood are signed up to participate and are awaiting word from the library staff as to when the initial meeting will occur.

Transfer station electric lawn care event

Lynnwood participated in this event put on by the Norwich Energy Committee on June 17th.

Approval of May Minutes

Cody moved to accept the May minutes. Craig seconded. Unanimously approved.

Meeting ended at 8:30PM

Minutes compiled by Lynnwood Andrews