September 2022 Meeting

Sep 20th, 2022 at 7p, Huntley Meadow Pavilion


  1. Public Comments
  2. Riparian Plantings
  3. Deer Populations
  4. Nature Area Updates
  5. Trails Updates
  6. LEEEP Collaboration Updates
  7. Other Committee Updates
  8. Approval of August Minutes


Members Present Lynnwood Anderson (Vice Chair), Cheryl Asa, Alex Gottlieb, David Hubbard, Suzanne Leiter, Chris Rimmer
Guests None

Meeting convened at 7:08 PM

Public Comments

Lynnwood asked for any public comment, but no members of the public were present.

Deer Over-browsing

A speaker has been identified, but selection of a date and location for the presentation is ongoing. Meanwhile, our Post Office display can be updated with general information on the problems with deer over-population, especially effects on forest structure and regeneration. An article on the topic has been submitted for the next issue of the Norwich Times. Suzanne reported on her experience registering on the Vermont Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to partner with a hunter to hunt on her property. There was discussion about how to share that experience, as an example, to the public, perhaps via the NCC website. More information on deer over-browsing will be added to the NCC website.

Nature Area Updates

Milt Frye Nature Area: A white oak sapling that was locally sourced will be transplanted to the Nature Area. Lynnwood is interested in mounting bat boxes in the field and is looking into feasibility. She is planning to order wildflower seed mixes, using a Women’s Club Grant, for planting in the spring. The development review board will review the plan for a new handicap access trail in the Nature Area. Woody Adams Conservation Forest: Craig will coordinate another workday on the Woods Road trail.

LEEEP Collaboration Updates

Both Lynnwood and Cheryl have met with Amy VanderKooi, the new LEEEP Director for MCS, to discuss possible collaborative activities. The first focus will probably be on vernal pools.

Other Committee Updates

Lynnwood reported on the ongoing discussions regarding the MCS septic system. Cheryl mentioned that the Affordable Housing Committee has indicated that it will be inviting an NCC representative to a future meeting.

Other Business

Phragmites have been noticed in the two sites where they were previously removed. Chris will follow up on possible options for dealing with them.

David moved to approve the August minutes, Suzanne seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:59 PM Minutes compiled by Cheryl Asa