August 2022 Meeting

Aug 16th, 2022 at 7p, Huntley Meadow Pavilion


  1. Public Comment
  2. Conservation Project with Ledyard Bank 3. Dealing with Deer Over-browsing
  3. Schmidt Bog
  4. Nature Area Updates
  5. NCC Town Work Plan
  6. Other Commission, Committee, Board, and Department Happenings 8. Approval of July Minutes


Members Present Craig Layne, Cheryl Asa, Alex Gottlieb, David Hubbard, Suzanne Leiter, Andy Torkelson, Cody Williams
Guests Nico Bekker

Meeting convened at 7:07 PM

Public Comments

Craig asked for any public comment on topics not on the agenda, but there was none.

Conservation Project with Ledyard Bank

Nico Bekker, Ledyard Bank’s Norwich branch manager, presented a proposal. The bank’s Norwich branch will have its official re-opening this fall, and they would like to make a contribution to local conservation as part of the celebration. They are offering to plant a tree for each visitor attending the re-opening and are asking the NCC to designate appropriate areas for planting. Some possible areas, especially in riparian areas for bank stabilization, were suggested. Further discussion will prioritize areas and consider the size and species of trees to be purchased.

Dealing with Deer Over-browsing

Lynnwood has submitted an article on deer over-browsing for the next issue of the Norwich Times. The P.O. display also needs to be updated, and material on deer over- browsing effects would be appropriate. It was decided that the next priority should be organizing a presentation for the public, perhaps a combined in-person presentation and Zoom webinar. A speaker is being sought to talk about deer over-population, the resulting over-browsing effects on forests, and what can be done to reduce deer numbers. Additional speakers on related topics, such as how over-browsed forests also affect habitat for birds and other wildlife, could also be considered. Cheryl has confirmed with the Norwich Public Library that they can host webinars for the NCC on their Zoom platform; she will ask if they can also accommodate in-person attendance. Related materials can be posted on the NCC website.

Schmidt Bog

The area was also discussed at a recent Trails Committee meeting. It was confirmed that the State recognizes it as a Class II wetland. Craig recommended organizing a neighborhood group to remove the invasive buckthorn.

Cheryl mentioned that Lindsay Putnam has expressed interest in partnering with the NCC again for MCS 3rd grade projects, perhaps something similar to the bear safety dioramas they created and displayed in the Library last year.

NCC Town Work Plan

There was discussion of the following questions from the Selectboard:

  1. What is the committee’s charge as you understand it?
  2. What are your committee’s current initiatives (provide timelines if applicable)?
  3. What are your committee’s goals and/or principal activities for the next three years?

Craig will summarize and submit the answers to the Selectboard.

Other Commission, Committee, Board, and Department Happenings

David summarized areas being evaluated for affordable housing on Fire District land.

David moved to approve the July minutes, Suzanne seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM

Minutes compiled by Cheryl Asa