Guided Visit to a Vernal Pool

1p, Apr 23rd, 2022

Join Kevin Tolan, coordinator of the Vermont Center for EcostudiesVernal Pool Monitoring project, on a walk to an area vernal pool. Kevin will point out egg masses laid by frogs and salamanders, discuss their biology, and explain why this habitat is critical to the survival of these amphibians.

Registration is required, since the number of participants is limited, please fill out the form below. Registrants will be sent information about where to meet and other details about the event. An additional visit on a later date will be organized if there are more registrants than can be accommodated on this visit.

If you missed Kevin’s webinar on vernal pools, hosted by the Norwich Public Library, a recording of that presentation can be found here.

This event is a collaboration of the Norwich Conservation Commission and the Vermont Center for Ecostudies.